The Witching Hour Vol III: Visual Prompts for Creative Writing and Short Story Development

The Witching Hour Vol III is the third of this four-part series of visual prompt journals designed to help you, the visually stimulated, develop and write creative stories.

It was designed with the artist in mind; for you to allow the images to spark a frenzy of stream of conscious prose.


  • Six iconic moody images
  • Beautifully designed sections
  • Richly colored lined pages for better
  • Additional pages for spontaneous notes
  • Dedicated pages for character development

You can use each section, that begins with an image to inspire you, for independent, singular pieces. Or, follow the flow of each curated image, to write a full-bodied, comprehensive piece.

Collect and compose! Or, gift the series to an aspiring, or seasoned writer needing a little nudge to get beyond writer’s block.

The Witching Hour Series
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