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Art Journaling My Self Love Journey: An Unconditional,

Introspective and Potent Affair with Oneself

Art Journaling My Self Love Journey: Unconditional, Introspective and Potent Affair with Oneself is the second title in the Twenty-Seven Prompts Series. It is designed and written in a way that your responses are expressed in the affirmative.

Meaning, as you contemplate, write, color, doodle, collage, etc., you are engaging in positively affirming your intent. Or more potently, you strengthen the self-work done thus far.
This is a dynamic prompt journal.

Use it daily, weekly, or once per month for a therapeutic deep dive into your thoughts using a restorative art journal practice. Be prepare to doodle on pages, in the margins. Be free and disassemble pages to collage with, or frame and hang!


A durable glossy paperback cover with floral elements designed by artist TRiiBU, packed with 278 pages divided into twenty-seven sections that include:

  • A dedicated page to set your overall intentions
  • Primer and Prompt Pages
  • Lined Journal Pages
  • Bank pages to add your favorite quotes, images, doodles, affirmations & other personal reflections.

A Sneaky Peek…

The benefits:

  • Develop, explore or expand upon reasons to to appreciate you, your accomplishments or anything you can be thankful for.
  • Create or strengthen a positive habit that can help with your practice to live positively.
  • Explore and/or purge thoughts to ease needless ruminating.
  • Forgive and let go of bothersome negative looping thoughts.
  • Enjoy yourself!

Click any image to enlarge and view some inside spreads.

Press play to view a quick video flip-through of journal.

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